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Welcome to the tranquil side of Telluride...

The Aldasoro Ranch is 1,515 acres, with originally 166, now 161 premier single-family home sites. Each multi-acre home site offers breathtaking views, optimal sunlight, and all the conveniences of modern living. In addition, the roads are paved and all amenities... from water, sewer, and power to natural gas, telephone, and cable TV... are in and waiting to be used. Now is the time to buy at the Aldasoro Ranch. Though the views go on forever, the home site availability won't!

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  • Total Acres in Subdivision - 1,515 of which 44% is deeded Open Space.

  • Total Home Sites - Originally 166 and with some down zoning there are currently 161 Home Sites. There are currently 75 homes either built or under construction

  • Utilities Available To Each Lot -  Water, Sewer, Power, Natural Gas, Telephone, Cable TV

  • Road Ownership - All roads in the Aldasoro Ranch are paved. Roads are owned by the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company. There is a recreational easement with the county overlaying the roads for bicycling that was instituted when the PUD amendment went through in 2011, so all bicycles riders are allowed on the roads so long as they are polite about how they ride.

  • Governing EntityThe Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company is the governing entity and has been since the Aldasoro Family transferred control in 2008. The Aldasoro Ranch is a simple subdivision and not a metropolitan district; therefore the property tax mil levy is the lowest in the Telluride Region.

  • Real Estate Transfer Tax - There is a 3% Real Estate Transfer Tax assessed on all applicable transactions in the Aldasoro Ranch, of which 2.25% is paid to the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company for long term maintenance of the Roads and Water System and .75% is paid to the San Miguel County transportation fund.

  • Building Restriction, Sites, Size and Height - All home construction must be approved by the Design Review Board (D.R.B.) of the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company. All lots at the Aldasoro Ranch have a designated home site location. Most lots have a 35’ height restriction and a 60 foot building site radius, which is 120 feet in diameter. Selected lots have a 25 foot absolute height restriction, these lots have a 75 foot radius which equates to a 150 foot diameter home site. All home site locations are controlled by the D.R.B. and any variance or alteration must be approved.

  • Animal Restrictions - Aldasoro Ranch has a no dog policy created through the PUD agreement with a recommendation from Colorado Division of Wildlife as protection for the abundant wildlife that call Aldasoro Ranch their home.

  • Homeowners Dues - $1,250 yearly.

  • Other Fees - The other fees due to build a home in the Aldasoro Ranch include but are not limited to water and sewer tap fees, building permit and housing mitigation fees, Design Review fees and deposits. The Design Review board also requires a soils test and topographical survey. Please contact Scott for assistance in determining what the fees will be for your dream home. 

  • Trails -  Anyone is allowed on the public loop trail for hiking or biking, which begins and ends at the new public loop trailhead parking area west of the Airport Entrance in Open Space called the “Breckenridge Trail”.  Only Aldasoro Owners and their accompanied guests are welcome on the private trails, and fishing pond.  
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