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 Telluride Real Estate Brokers -

Telluride Real Estate Brokers prides itself on its service, experience, and vast knowledge of Telluride and the surrounding areas. Working with a smaller real estate company, you get the personal attention, timeliness and guidance you deserve.

Buying real estate is an incredibly important milestone that should not be taken lightly. When purchasing a new home it is not a search for stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, or a pretty location. It is the pursuit of a place where newlyweds start their lives, babies are brought home, first steps are taken, important decisions are made, and lives are shaped. Lifelong memories are made within the walls of a home. We understand how important it is to find a dream home.

Telluride Real Estate Brokers knows the Telluride region better than anyone. We know every nook, cranny, lot and existing home on the market. We know the true value of homes, the quality of builders in the area, and make sure our clients get the absolute best deal possible. From foreclosures, short sales, building a new home, purchasing commercial real estate and more. We are here to take you through every step of the way.
Whether it is a second home, first time purchase or business location, we hope you will choose us to help you find the perfect place to call home in Telluride.

The current real estate market makes people worry about selling their home or business. We can help ease the process by ensuring aggressive tactics and constant communication. You will have no doubt we are on top of selling your piece of real estate.

Strategies we utilize for all our clients include open houses, staging homes, beautiful marketing materials, online marketing, aggressive pushes into top real estate magazines, analysis of the other homes on the market, and more. Once we meet you and give an analysis on your home or business, we are confident you will choose Telluride Real Estate Brokers to sell your property.

Contact us today for more information about buying or selling real estate in the Telluride area.

 The Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company -

Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company is the governing entity and has been since the Aldasoro Family transferred control in 2008. The Aldasoro Ranch is a simple subdivision and not a metropolitan district; therefore the property tax mil levy is the lowest in the Telluride Region. Please contact the Aldasoro Ranch Homeowners Company for information on the management and operations of the Aldasoro Ranch as well as copies of General Declarations, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Design Regulations, etc.

 Hotel Columbia Telluride -

Telluride is situated at the end of a magical box canyon, located high in the San Juan Mountains. The newly remodeled Hotel Columbia is the perfect home base for your winter ski vacation, family retreat, or summer in paradise.

After an extensive remodel, we are contemporary, yet timeless. Situated on the San Miguel River at the base of the world famous Telluride Ski Resort, we are within walking distance to all the restaurants, shops, and adventure that Telluride has to offer.

This Telluride hotel delivers a new benchmark of personalized service with attention to every detail before, during, and after your stay. We look forward to meeting you and showing you our spirit of hospitality in the Rocky Mountains.

 Scott Bennett, -

Scott Bennett was born and raised in Telluride. For generations his family has called Telluride home. Like their dad, Scott and his brothers are carrying on the family tradition as members of the Telluride Volunteer Fire Department where Scott is the 2nd Assistant Chief. Scott and his wife Pam are raising their family in Telluride. They have three wonderful children. Ashley, 23, is attending the University of Colorado at Denver studying philosophy, Luke, 20, is Landscaping during the summer and Coaching Hockey during the winter, and youngest son, Chandler, 13, who is an outdoor sports nut.

Scott’s expertise in Telluride Real Estate comes from years of construction, development and sales. He was involved in the development of the Aldasoro Ranch and a member of the Aldasoro DRB. More recently, Scott has been involved in the development of Diamond Ranch and Golden Ledge, residential communities in the Telluride region.

Scott has an intimate knowledge of properties throughout the Telluride Region and would like to share his passion for Telluride with you. 

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